Monday, July 31, 2006

Steve and Coco
Steve and Coco came to visit us this weekend. Steve has been working hard while Marta and Gabriel are in Spain, so we were happy to see him on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Steve always spends a lot of time especially with his dad; they did a little shopping together, washed and polished Steve's car, took Coco for a walk, and spent a lot of time talking. Sunday night Tony barbequed hamburgers and Sunday he planned to cook pork and veggies on the grill. Just then the sky opened up and it began to pour. Steve helped by holding the umbrella. The barbeque was delicious!

Here's a picture of Steve and Coco. I'm sure Coco misses Marta and Gabriel but she's very sweet and very well behaved. She has matured into a really nice dog. I remember her puppy days when she was much more active and busy. It was hard for me to hold on to her sometimes because she's really strong. Now she obediantly walks along when we go outside and can be trusted to stay in our yard and not run away.

Here are some of my current projects:
1. Baby quilt for Tim and Bernie
2. Toe up knitted socks
3. T shirt quilt for Dee and Jazmine
4. Knitted stole as part of a Yahoo group: Mystery Stole 2
5. Lots of other projects are in my mind ready to go when some of the above are finished.

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