Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baby Things

I love making baby things. If I hear about a new baby coming, I usually make a sweater or a quilt. With a baby you don't have to worry about the size because they always grow into it. You don't have to worry about colors because the baby doesn't have much say.
We have a new baby coming to our family in August, Keith and Carole's first granddaughter, Chris and Trisha's first child. Carole told me the baby's room is green and white so I added pink and started a quilt.

I love to use scraps of fabric to make something useful, so I decided to make a fabric "bowl" and a soft ball from the quilt scraps. The bowl is based on a bread bowl I saw at Marta's house. It is a square with rounded corners, thick pellon in the middle to make it firm, and 8 fabric ties at the corners to tie it into the bowl shape.

The fabric ball is a very useful baby toy. Since it is soft, it's easy for a baby to hold and catch. Also it's washable; you can just put it in the machine as needed. One time I saw Gabriel carrying his in his mouth, maybe copying Coco.
I learned to make this ball from one of my students. Twelve pentagons are sewn together and then stuffed. My student had made hers by hand, but mine are done on the machine. I have to do things quickly.

The baby's shower is coming soon and I'm ready!

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