Monday, July 24, 2006

Today is Kelly's birthday. Kelly is an important new member of the family. We are so glad that she joined our family when she married Tom in March. Many more happy birthdays, Kelly!

We've been a little busy. Last week, Father McElduff, pictured here in our living room with Tony, visited. He is an old friend and the priest who married us 41 years ago. He is in very fine shape for a young man of 85 years, keeping busy helping people as he always had in his Pennsylvania town. He and Tony went to northern Michigan for a couple of days to see Machinac Island and look at the lakes.

While the men were up north, I decided to visit my granddaughter Scarlett! My favorite thing in the world is spending time with my grandchildren. On the way to Scarlett's house, I enjoyed lunch with Steve. Marta and Gabriel are in Spain visiting family so Steve is making the time go quickly by working hard. It's always nice to see him. There's nothing I enjoy more than talking to my children and finding out their thinking on a variety of topics. I especially like to surprise them by knowing things that people my age don't usually know, like computer stuff.

Then I went on to Scarlett's house and enjoyed every minute with her. Is there anything better than rocking a sleepy baby until she falls asleep? She is 15 months old now and enjoys so many things. I took her to McDonald's for the first time in her life, not to eat, but to visit the play area. Another day we went to the mall which has a large play area for small children. Scarlett is very careful, holds on to my leg for awhile before deciding to take off and play a little, but carefully and thoughtfully.
I seem to be making a lot of cabbage rolls lately! Scarlett's parents, Sasha and Cathy, pictured here, requested cabbage rolls. Cathy doesn't eat meat so I made this version with ground turkey. I made enough so there were leftovers for the next day.
Sunday afternoon I came back home, stopping for a little while to have a little lunch with Steve. It is good to go away and it's also good to come home again.

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Kat said...

I am thinking about making the cabbage rolls again tonight. They were even more delicious the next day after heating them up.

Sasha's parents loved all the photos!