Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Potholders and Dishcloths
Like so many knitters, I am fascinated with the new book, Mason Dixon Knitting. It contains a wonderful pattern for making dishcloths. They are quick and satisfying to knit; mindless, so I can easily ride in the car or watch TV while knitting . I adapted the pattern for potholders by making a slightly smaller version times two, putting them back to back, and single crocheting around the edge. The reason that it's so much fun is seeing how the colors go together plus it takes very little time. I sent a few home with Marta on Sunday and I'm obsessively making more now. If you see me coming, I might try to foist my dishcloths on you. I may be standing on streetcorners handing them out. Help!

Last night we ate our first zucchinis and cucumber from the garden. The rain continues. It rained all night plus part of yesterday and it may rain again today!

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Anonymous said...

I really am a fan of your blog and look for it daily. Thanks for sharing the idea of the potholders. I never would have thought of it!!!!
I would like to make a few and wonder if you would share how many stitches you cast on and any other details that might be of help to a beginner..
Thanks for an enjoyable blog
chloe >>>eholc77ataoldotcom