Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend Report
Saturday afternoon we headed out I-94 on our way to Steve's house. Just a few miles out of Jackson all the traffic was stopped. We sat for a few minutes watching police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks zoom by on the shoulder. It turned out there was a major accident caused by someone trying to make a U-turn across the median of the highway, crashing into oncoming traffic. If you look closely at this picture, you can see a helicopter just taking off with one of the accident victims after landing right on the highway. Traffic was stopped for three hours!

Sasha, Cathy, and Scarlett met us at Steve's house. Here's a picture of Sasha on Steve's tractor. I think Sasha really enjoyed riding on it. He said it's like a Disney ride.

We all enjoyed Tony's barbeque. He made shish kabob with steak, chicken and veggies all on sticks.
Here's Scarlett modeling her new sundress. I bought it for her in the Philippines when we were there in April. It's a little long now, but I think she can wear it next summer as well. She looks so cute in it!


tvillanu said...

Mom, did you find out what happened to any of the accident victims?

Joan said...

Yeah, one person was seriously injured and another two people were also hurt. The person who caused the accident was not injured. Our concern at the time was that more accidents could happen because people were making U turns across the median, getting frustrated at the very long wait.