Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's Tom and Matt in Florida last weekend. Now we are having cold and often gloomy days in Michigan, so this weather looks pretty good. This coming weekend we're planning to drive to New Jersey to visit Tom, Kelly and Matthew. I can't wait to see the Little Guy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Scarlett's Song

Two Dolls

I was a little girl in the early 1950's when my big brother Dean left for Korea and Japan. He was in the Air Force and went to Korea where a war was being fought. I didn't really understand the meaning of war but I remember my mother crying one day when she received Dean's will in the mail. I think writing a will was a normal part of a soldier's preparation for going overseas during war time but I'm sure it felt terrible to a mother to recognize the meaning of this document.

As part of Dean's Air Force assignment, he also spent some time in Japan. He was gone a couple of years but thankfully he safely returned home. I remember the day when he got off the Greyhound bus in front of our house.

My brother Jack was fifteen and Dean was fourteen when I was born. They left home to go to college before I even started kindergarten. They were both very important to me and I was always overjoyed when they were home. I followed them everywhere they went, talking to them, and probably being a pest.

Jack was in the Navy and brought me dolls from European countries that he visited. Dean brought me the Japanese doll that you can see in the above picture. I still have all my dolls and love them still. When I met little Sachiho, my students' beautiful child in the picture, I recognized my childhood doll had come to life.

My student Austin whose wife Chizuko is visiting from Japan for a couple of weeks came to see us yesterday. We had a very nice chat over cups of tea and then had our picture taken. It is amazing to live in our small town and yet have international friends. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tony and Me: October 18, 2008
Autumn Weekend

We enjoyed some beautiful and busy days with Steve, Marta, and Gabe this weekend. Saturday morning Gabe and I went to the park; Saturday evening Steve and Marta went to an elegant restaurant to have some grown up time and to celebrate their good news: a baby girl will arrive early in February. Tony, Gabe, and I went to Culver's where Gabe entertained us with his interesting conversation and cheerful personality. Here are some pictures:
Gabe checking out the John Deere tractor at the park.

Happy family.

My favorite picture of Marta and Gabe.

Gabe and Grandpa in their caps and jackets at Culver's.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scarlett's First Pony Ride

Scarlett Visits the Apple Farm

Cathy, Sasha, and Scarlett were with us on Sunday so we all went to Flavor Fruit Farms to enjoy the autumn festival atmosphere, animals, and apples.

Scarlett went on her first pony ride:

Here she is with her daddy:

On the horse with Mommy:

Enjoying a balloon hat:
It was a beautiful day and we had a really good time. Videos will be coming up!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Here I am with a little friend!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Saturday at Flavor Fruit Farm, Gabe went for a pony ride. The pony walked slowly and Gabe seemed very comfortable riding. It was a beautiful day with lots of kids enjoying the animals and apple related activities.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Scarlett with a New Haircut
Here is Scarlett at work in the family business today, sporting a new haircut given by her father.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Birthday Girl
Today is Cathy's birthday! I don't know if she'd like to have me tell her age here, but I can say that it feels like I should be her age and she should be Scarlett's age. The years fly by so fast. Cathy is different from me in lots of ways but she's like me in some: she likes to read, knit, run, and blog. If you haven't seen her blog about her life with her husband and little girl please check it out here.
Autumn Weekend

This was a perfect October weekend--cool, sunny, and beautiful. Steve, Marta, and Gabe came for the weekend as Steve had a reunion with university friends at MSU. Marta, Gabe, and I had a nice time together. (Tony was watching the same football game on TV that Steve was attending in person.)

Here's Gabe with the mums in front of my house.

Gabe is studying pyramids at school so here is his version made with family room items:

Gabe enjoyed playing with Legos that were last used by his dad, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Cathy many years ago.

We went to Flavorfruit Farms where Gabe and I were so happy to see Ann Marie and Mary Jo. Everyone loved the autumn festival atmosphere and enjoyed pony rides and a hayride.

Gabe on horseback with Marta. This was Gabe's first horseback ride; the horse was pretty big and Gabe was brave!