Friday, July 14, 2006

We are surrounded by wildlife. Early on a recent morning I came downstairs to have coffee, looked out my back window, and there were three deer comfortably relaxing. I grabbed my camera and they began to run. Deer are beautiful animals and they cause lots of problems. There's approximately one deer to every 2.5 people in our county. They are destroying gardens, farm crops, and causing terrible accidents. Recently a local guy on a motorcycle crashed into a deer and died. Balancing man and nature is not so easy.

Yesterday we had more international visitors, very delightful ladies and children. A young mother and her four year old son are visiting here from Hong Kong. It is very interesting to talk a little about the differences in life style between a small midwestern town like ours and a big crowded place like Hong Kong.

This morning I headed out early to the airport to pick up Tom, who is visiting for the weekend. In the picture he's eating zuchinni bread and drinking coffee before going to the golf course. Tom's wife Kelly is spending the weekend in Florida with old friends and Tom will play golf with his high school friends. It gives his dad and me a chance to spoil him! (Sorry, Kelly!) While home, we have his favorite foods: tonight, cabbage rolls, tomorrow barbequed spare ribs. It's fun to have him home!

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