Saturday, July 01, 2006

Come and check out my garden. Tomato plants are tied to stakes and caged, gardening plastic surrounding them. There are small green tomatoes getting bigger every day. We've had lots of rain so they're growing quite well. The top photo shows the zucchini which have had a little trouble with all the rain which has caused the ends of some of the zucchini to rot. The middle picture shows Japanese eggplant and some of the green beans. The eggplants have some insect problems so many of the leaves have holes. There are a few baby eggplants growing now and many blossoms. The bottom picture shows the two rows of green beans that are coming along nicely. Every morning I spend a few minutes weeding and checking everything. Not shown are the green peppers, cucumbers, bok choy, and dill. I think this is the best garden we've had!

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