Monday, May 11, 2009

May 6 Venice

Today was the last day of our trip and it was perfect! During the morning our ship was sailing through the islands approaching Venice. People gathered at the railing on the front of the ship to watch. As we got came near to the city, a small boat attached to the front of our ship and guided us in. We docked in Venice about 11AM so then were free to go ashore. We decided to walk to the city which took just a few minutes. Soon we could see wide and narrow canals with lots of different modes of water transportation: water taxis, small rowboats, motor boats, many kinds. Venice was more than I imagined: the central feature of water making it unique. We enjoyed walking through narrow streets next to canals. So beautiful.
This evening was one of my favorite experiences from the trip. We had an evening gondola ride through the city. First we went by water taxi to the gondola station. After a walk through the central section, we boarded our gondolas. To our surprise, our gondola featured the musical entertainment, an accordion player and tenor singer to serenade our group of gondolas as we rode through the narrow canals of Venice finally arriving at the Grand Canal. One of the houses that we passed had an inscription that it was Mozart’s house when he was living here in Venice. As we were enjoying our gondola ride, the lights of the city came on and it was truly charming.
Early tomorrow morning we prepare for our journey home. We will be transported to the Venice airport for a flight to Amsterdam, then continuing later to Detroit. It was a perfect trip. Everything went smoothly and was very enjoyable.

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