Monday, May 11, 2009

May 5 Dubrovnik, Croatia

As I look out our window I can see a bay with sailboats and blue water surrounded by high mountains, the town of Dubrovnik with white stucco houses and orange tile roofs. It is a beautiful place full of tourists from all over speaking many languages. We Americans are a minority here but regardless I am always recognized as an American. I always wonder why that is; what makes me look American? I don’t know.
This morning we gathered for a tour called “Dubrovnik’s Riviera”. We went by bus out in the countryside along the sea to a small village named Cavtat, a very beautiful place. We had wonderful views along the way. We got out for awhile and had time to walk around. Always on the tours we have a native guide who speaks English, giving a lot of information about the history and whatever we’re looking at. Then we went by bus back to Dubrovnik stopping in the old part of town which dates back several hundred years to watch a folkloric show. The dancers had very colorful costumes and good dancing skill. (I have short videos to show on my blog later.) Then we could walk through the old town which featured a fortress like wall with moat and high gates. We have seen many seaside fortifications like this which included high walls for protection from invaders from the sea.
This afternoon we will be sailing to our final destination, Venice. Usually the ship is sailing while we are sleeping and during the day is in a port so we can get off and explore. The captain just announced that our speed will be about 23 mph and we will cover a couple hundred miles tonight.
We have a required disembarkation meeting in a while so they can explain to us what happens when we leave the ship in Venice. Also the crew will be saying goodbye to us. I think it will be a musical program with the crew singing. The Cabin cleaners and dining room workers are from Indonesia and the Philippines. They are always smiling and cheerful.

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