Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 1
Today we were at sea all day; it was a sunny and very relaxing day. The temperature was probably in the high 60’s; it felt good to wear a sweater or jacket. Every time I started to read my book, I dozed off. People were sunbathing, sitting in deck chairs, enjoying the view of the sea.
We were invited to a special lunch today hosted by the captain and his staff. It was a lovely lunch and we were seated with a mother and daughter from the Yukon, a lady from NYC, and a couple from somewhere else. Everyone on board is very friendly and it’s easy to meet people.
By tomorrow morning we will be docking in Navplion, Greece. It is a small town with ancient fortresses. From the map we were given, it appears small enough to walk around which we plan to do after breakfast.

Usually the sea was very calm and the waves were hardly noticeable, but this evening there was a rolling sea so I shot a video to show this. It is pleasant to go to sleep with the motion of the waves, like being rocked to sleep. I have not experienced seasickness.

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