Friday, May 08, 2009

April 26

Today we had an excursion in Barcelona. At every port there are many excursions offered for passengers on the ship with a great range in pricing; we chose a few of the lesser expensive options. A bus tour of the city gave us many views that we had not seen before. The first stop was at the Barcelona Cathedral, a huge and ornate building with many chapels and interior scaffolding. I was reminded of The Pillars of the Earth (one of my favorite books.) Suddenly a very strong rainstorm hit us; we had our raincoats so I felt pretty lucky. A little while later the sun was out!
Next we went to a flamenco show, very beautifully done as you can see in my little video. The performers were energetic and seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Next we went to Gaudi’s church, La Segrada Famillia, a work in progress. You can see in the picture that it is so beautiful.

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