Friday, May 08, 2009

April 27

Today we arrived in Monte Carlo about noon. It was raining heavily much of the day; at this moment it is cloudy and cool, but it’s okay, when you’re on vacation and especially a trip like this, some days will have better weather than others.
As I look out the window I can see Monte Carlo right before me on the mountainside. There are uncountable yachts, bigger and fancier than anything I’ve seen before, just a few hundred feet away. We are lucky because we have a little outside verandah just outside our room and it faces the bay with perhaps the best view from the ship.
After lunch we set off with raincoats walking and we walked to the palace and the downtown area. The Grand Prix is coming in about 3 weeks so there are many preparations for it. It surely is a beautiful place especially when the sun shines!This turned out to be the only completely rainy day of our entire trip. I think we went at the perfect time of year because it was just a little cool; I can't imagine doing this cruise in the heat of summer.

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