Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Salad
Today was hot and muggy. A few thunderstorms passed over with heavy rain pounding down followed by clearing and a little sun; then the cycle repeated. On a day like this, Summer Salad tastes good. Here is the one I made today, served with steamed broccoli and watermelon chunks on the side:

Pasta, cooked according to directions, drained and cooled. (can use spaghetti or any shape of pasta, about 2 cups before cooking)
Cooked shrimp (or tuna or chicken), about 1 cup or according to your preference.
Chopped raw vegetables; today I used chopped onion, celery, and radish.
Mayonnaise (low fat).
Ranch dressing (low fat). (I use about half mayo and half ranch, just enough to lightly coat.)
Seasoning as desired (today I used a little paprika, black pepper, hot pepper, and salt.)

Mix above ingredients together, place in salad bowl, garnish as desired (I had lettuce from my garden!), cover and cool in frig until dinner time.

This is nice to make in the morning of a hot day; then you can relax a little when dinner time is approaching.)

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