Friday, June 13, 2008

Poppy Memories

Five years ago in May Steve and Marta were married in Spain. Our family rented a house in the country just a few miles outside the beautiful city where the wedding took place. We arrived a few days before the wedding, spending some time touring nearby cities such as Toledo, strolling along market places, seeing cathedrals and palaces, enjoying the wonderful Spanish atmosphere and hospitality. I often enjoyed early morning walks along the farmlands near the rental house. A special memory is of wild poppies in bloom everywhere along the roadside and in the fields. I was entranced by their color and natural beauty.

When I returned home, I often thought about those poppies, so when I had a chance to buy a poppy plant for the front garden at my house, I was so happy. A couple of patient years were needed for my poppy plant to begin to really bloom. Now every year when I see my poppy plant producing buds and then beginning to bloom, I remember the poppy fields of Spain. My poppy is orange-red as you can see above; the poppies in Spain, if my memory is correct, are more rose-red, but still the memory is there with me. (Incidentally, the poppies must have a good taste because they are often consumed by our deer population. Overnight the flowers disappear. Maybe they are sweet.)

Marta and Gabriel are now enjoying a few weeks in Spain; Steve will join them soon when his vacation begins.
I love to talk to little children and see what they're thinking:
Last weekend, talking to Gabriel, age 4:
Me: "Gabe, are you and Mommy going on vacation this week? Where are you going?"
Gabe: "To Espana."
Me: "Why are you going there?"
Gabe: "To see mis abuelos".
Me: "Are you going in Mommy's car?"
Gabe: "No, in the airplane."
Gabe, having just turned 4 last month, is an experienced traveler and has maybe 9 international round trips on his passport already.

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