Monday, June 16, 2008

A nearby strawberry farm is open for picking home grown berries every June. I have been picking strawberries all my life, starting when I was a child and my mother had a small field of berries at home. The berries that we picked were sold in a roadside stand, and the price, more years ago than I care to think about, was sometimes 3 quarts for a dollar. Picking strawberries was not the most enjoyable work for a child because it was hot and uncomfortable , but as I became an adult appreciating fresh fruit, I've come to enjoy this season very much.

Yesterday we went to the farm and came home with two large boxes full of strawberries. We cleaned and froze the berries as Tony enjoys them with his breakfast all year. Later in the day I made strawberry shortcake. The local berries are much sweeter and tastier than those coming to the supermarket from out of state and the picking season is never long enough. It is wonderful to be in the open air picking the red treasures that are ripe strawberries.

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