Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Visitor

Yesterday we went to Steve and Marta's house to pick up their boxer, Coco. Marta and Gabriel are already in Spain and Steve is leaving today to join them so Coco will spend the next two weeks at "Grandma's house". She usually comes here when her family takes a vacation, so she is very familiar with our house. We always start off the day with a long walk, which tires Coco out and she needs to spend most of the rest of the day on her blanket. Coco is a very kind and intelligent dog so she is a pleasure to have in our house.
Our little friends, Ann Marie and Mary Jo stopped by to talk to Coco.

1 comment:

Marta Portillo said...

Ey, beautiful! how are you little Coco??? we love you! and miss you a lot.

Have fun with grandma and grandpa and we will be back for you soon.

I promised you when you were a puppy to always take care of you, remember? so do not be sad, this is just a vacation!

Thank you for taking care of our girl... she looks so happy!