Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Message from Matthew, age 2.5 months

Hey everyone,
Yesterday I found my left hand. I like to suck on my
thumb when my hand is in a fist. It's a little
difficult, sometimes I can get my thumb and pointer
finger in my mouth.
I went to my first yoga class yesterday. Mommy was
laying down in class and I rolled over, off the pillow
I was laying on and onto the floor. I kind of
surprised Mom but she was happy that I rolled over.
There were 9 other babies in the room and at times
there were about 4 babies crying all at once. I was
pretty good during the class since I found my hand but
I wanted my Mommy to pick me up a few times and she
did some poses with me.
Tonight Mommy and I are going into New York City to a
happy hour. I'm going to meet all of Mommy's work
friends and I'm so excited.
My Mommy attached a picture of me yesterday with my
hand in my mouth and one of Daddy and me when he got
home from work.
I miss you and love you!

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