Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fun in the Sun
We spent some time outside with Gabriel enjoying the fresh air and more moderate temperatures at the end of the week. Gabriel has many games and activities for outside. He likes to ride his "moto" in the driveway and knows not to go into the street for any reason. He likes to play with his ball and look at everything that is going on.
Recently we were able to acquire a small used electric car, a "jeep", that was a surprise for Gabriel on Friday. It is a dream car for a three year old boy. The technology for this car is amazing to me. You can plug it in, charge it up, and then it can be driven for some distance at a very slow speed. (Now why can't we have the same principal in an adult car???)

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Sunita said...

I hope that by the time Gabriel gets his first "real" car, 30 mpg cars will be long gone, and we will have more efficient, non-polluting cars.
It's good that he is starting on the 'right' foot!