Thursday, July 19, 2007

Matthew at 2 Months

Here are the latest pictures of Matthew, Tom and Kelly's baby boy, born May 12. Matthew and his parents just spent some time in Florida with Kelly's family, experiencing his first plane ride and his first time in the pool. (Tom reports he enjoyed the pool very much.) In our international family, it is so interesting to see our grandchildren's development and unique appearances. We look for resemblances to previous generations. I have wavy hair, big feet, and long toes, so I am claiming these characteristics whenever they show up in these little ones.
When we look at a baby's face, we wonder what his life will be. My father's life began in 1899 and ended in 1981; when he was a boy, a car was unusual and yet he lived to see men walk on the moon. When I was a small child, we listened to the radio and didn't yet have a television. Now here we all are on the computer, and whatever would we do without it? What can Matthew see and experience in his life? We can't even guess.
(More photos of Tom, Kelly, and Matthew can be seen here.)

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