Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dear Matthew,

How nice is to go to Yoga lessons... I love it too! Although I am sure you
will be a little better than me.... Since you are so flexible at this age!

New York happy hour???? You are a very lucky baby..... I was pretty old
the first time I said "I am going to New York City"....This is sooooooo much, baby Matthew, in the "real" New York City !!!!!

Your cousin Gabriel asks about you all the time, he wants to meet you,
although he thinks he will be able to play with you with his trucks... Ha
ha, I will tell him there is another game that you love the most.... To

Please, have fun with mom in NY and be patient... I am sure that many
women are doing to say 1,000,000 times how cute you are and they will kiss
you and hug you and squeeze you.... ;-)

We also love you and can't wait to see you in August.

Lot's of love,
Villanuevas of Stevensville (Coco included)

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