Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Beautiful Day

After several too warm days, today we had a really perfect day. This morning was cool and sunny so Gabriel wore his jacket for playing outside in his sandbox. I worked on the flower beds nearby, pulling weeds and tidying up. We really enjoyed being outside.
Gabriel has just spent a month in Spain visiting his Spanish family. At age 3 he is bilingual, equally fluent in English and Spanish. Returning from Spain, his Spanish language is stronger so he speaks to me in Spanish and I reply in English. He understands me very well but sometimes I'm guessing what he's saying!

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Sunita said...

Hello Crafty Grandma, my name is Sunita, and I am a friend of Marta's who lives in CA. I wanted to thank you for your postings, it helps me feel like I am part of Gabriel's upbringing and closer to Marta and Steve.
I am planning to show my mom your example, so she can be inspired to become a crafty grandma too! (I am expecting a baby girl in November)
Thanks again,
Sunita de Tourreil
sunita (at) chocolatedividends (dot) org