Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hello and Goodbye

Here are two of my favorite little girls, Ann Marie and Mary Jo. Ann Marie is 4 years old and is a princess. She loves her bear, playing with puzzles and watching a Barbie video. Mary Jo is 2 years old, loves Dora and reading books. The girls visit me often and I always enjoy their sweet loving natures. When they arrive at my house, they run to give hugs and kisses, while shouting "Grandma". Aren't they beautiful?

My students move to our Michigan community, often staying four or five years, then returning to their homes in Japan. While practicing English we share much about life here in the Midwest. They become my friends. Friday afternoon Yuko came to see me before moving to another American city; we will miss her very much!

Today is August 26, Steve's birthday. He is coming home today and we will celebrate. More later........

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