Thursday, August 17, 2006

Last Day

All our house projects are done so now we’re having a day of relaxation. This morning we went hiking. There is a 1000 acre State Recreation Area near here where Tom often goes biking. We did a 45 minute hike there. Last night we spotted a large black bear crossing the road not too far from the house. I am just a little aware of bears now so I was on the lookout, but we didn’t see any today. At the entrance to the recreation area there were three minibuses full of prisoners working on cutting the grass. Everyone was very nice; theirsupervisors moved the buses so we were able to park and everything was fine. Here you can see a picture of Tony on the hiking trail.

The bottom picture shows my current projects. I’m studying sock knitting using the book, Sensational Knitted Socks. It contains a first sock called “class sock” designed to teach sock knitting. The purple socks in the picture are based on that pattern. I think they will be a good size for Scarlett. Next you can see a sock that I began yesterday in red and darker colors self striping yarn. I’ve restarted it several times because of needle size problems. I’m now using size 3’s so it looks like it might be okay. On the left of the picture you can see my latest dishcloth, almost finished. These are easy and mindless knitting. I’ve made several and love mixing the colors. The top left is a sock knitting bag I made.You can see Gabriel’s picture on it, and Scarlett’s picture is on the other side. I printed these pictures on a fabric printing sheet in the ink jet printer.
There’s nothing like a knitting bag with grandchildren’s pictures for a Crafty Grandma!

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