Saturday, June 23, 2007

Welcome to My Garden
The end of June is almost here and our garden is looking good. On the right you can see green tomatoes on the vine. We have about a dozen tomato plants so I think we may have ripe tomatoes in a couple of weeks, so much more delicious than those found in the supermarket. Pictured below is lettuce which we have just begun to eat, sweet and tender, perfect for tossed salads or on a sandwich. Below right are the cucumber plants, both American cucumbers and Japanese which are climbing up the garden fence. (Japanese cucumbers are thinner, more tender, and almost seedless.) Because of deer, rabbits, and other wild life, our garden has double fencing. Without double fencing, almost everything would be eaten by the animals! The bottom picture has our zucchini plants, which right now have many zucchini's about 4 inches long, so we should be eating them within a couple of days. I love zucchini, either fried in a little olive oil as a side dish, or baked in zucchini bread, a family favorite. (See link to recipe on the side.) My garden also has green peppers, green beans, and Japanese eggplant so we hope to enjoy many fresh vegetables later in the summer. Hopefully we'll have plenty to share with friends and family.

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