Friday, June 29, 2007

Please meet Coco, a four year old boxer, Marta and Steve's dog, who is staying with us while they are on vacation. Coco began to stay with us sometimes when she was quite young. Marta and Steve have trained her very well and I'm very impressed with her intelligence and discipline. She is the first boxer I have known, but I think this is a very good breed. When I let her outside, she always stays in our yard even though we don't have a fence. We take her for a long walk every morning, about 3 or 4 miles, and then she rests most of the day. She is always kind and pleasant. Yesterday a workman came to our door, and I can see she would be a good watchdog, because she barked and looked ferocious, even though I knew she just wanted to be friendly. When my students visit my house, Coco is usually very quiet and we don't even know she is around. Coco is a very good visitor!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

This is Patricia, Marta's friend. I enjoyed visiting your site. Gabriel's new car looks great.

Your new grandson is so cute. Congratulations!

What is your latest knitting project? I am learning how to sew at the moment. I am also finishing three sweaters, one for me, one for my Mom and one for my sister. They are coming to visit me in PA in 2 weeks.