Monday, October 02, 2006

A Lovely Weekend

Steve, Marta, and Gabriel came Friday evening, bringing their friend Gustavo who works with Steve and recently moved to Michigan from Argentina. Gustavo is working to improve his English fluency, so I enjoyed talking with him and finding out his experiences as a new arrival here. To look at our lives through the eyes of a newcomer is very interesting.

Saturday morning the adult visitors left for a day of shopping; Tony and I enjoyed our time with Gabriel. Saturday’s weather was less than

perfect; a little rainy and cold; but we bundled up and went to the park. Our purpose was to show Gabriel the locomotive on display in the park, but Gabriel enjoyed more the many ducks, pigeons, and even a swan that he could see there. Gabriel is an animal lover, just like his Mom.

Sunday’s weather was much better with sunshine and warmer temperatures. We enjoyed some shopping together. The pictures here show us at the park, Gabriel on his bike (which he can ride very well), and at the dinner table Saturday evening.

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Gustavo said...

Hi, I'm Gustavo... really those week end was wonderfull... Joan & Tony made fell me so good... They are excelente cooks and better host.
Thanks you so much Joan & Tony for these unforgettable moment...