Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Train Wreck

Yesterday near Chicago an Amtrack train traveling from Michigan to Chicago crashed into a freight train. The passengers on the Amtrack felt a serious jolt as the train traveling (according to the news) 20 to 25 mph hit a freight train parked on the tracks. Passengers without warning were thrown forward, hitting their heads and faces, causing injury to many. The train personnel in the front of the train were most critically injured. People were sent to the hospital by helicopter and bus. It was a very cold late November day so the shock of this accident affected everyone.

The reason I'm discussing this accident is that my wonderful daughter-in-
law Marta was on the train! She is fine, I believe, but I don't know the details. Steve called me early in the afternoon with the news. She had been going to Chicago for the day to take care of some business. I talked to Marta briefly on her cell phone; she said she was so happy to be alive. I think she may be blogging about this event; there is a link to Marta's blog on the right. Look for more news coming up soon!

Don't we feel that traveling by train is one of the safest ways to go, much safer than driving, especially in a busy city? We just never know what can happen.

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Annick said...

How terrible it is. Please Jo, give all my love to her and a lot of kisses. I am so happy that she is alive.