Friday, December 14, 2007

Here's Coco in her red coat, ready to put on her leash and go for a walk! Coco has been our visitor this week while Steve, Marta, and Gabriel spent a few days on the beach in Cancun. She usually stays at our house twice a year, winter and summer, while her family takes a vacation. Coco probably enjoys her summer visits more because she gets more walks. If she has a good daily walk, she spends most of the remainder of the day sleeping. Her sleeping spot is on her blanket placed at the end of our sofa. Every time she returns to this house she goes to the same spot. Two things are very important to Coco when she visits us: her daily walk and a pig ear. She has a large bag of dried pig ears, purchased at Sam's, and knows she gets one every evening after dinner. When Coco was very young, she was much more active and I worried about her getting lost or running away. Now she has a very nice routine; she can go outside and stay in our back yard without straying if I put her outside for a potty break. Late this evening her family will return. Marta loves Coco so much, like her own child. At the beach in Mexico Gabriel asked about Coco and said he wanted to see her. It will be a nice reunion this evening when they are together again. Next week I will miss my companion next to my chair as I enjoy my morning coffee. But summer will come again and we can look forward to Coco's next vacation stay.
Look for a report on Cancun in Marta's blog next week!

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