Monday, September 24, 2007

A Weekend Trip
We arrived at Tom and Kelly's lake house in the Poconos Mountains of New York, driving here from Michigan on Friday. Because we are in the mountains, it is cool with sunny and beautiful days. We are happy to see Matthew who is now 4 1/2 months old, changing and developing so rapidly as only babies can do. He smiles easily, especially when his grandfather talks to him. Somehow babies always respond very well to Tony, thinking him funny, and smiling a lot.

We had two purposes in our visit here: most important, seeing Tom, Kelly, and Matthew, and second, to help with a house project. The lake house has a balcony on the upper floor that extends across the house on the lake side. The balcony had large open spaces making it very unsafe for a small child soon learning to walk. beneath it. Tom had a very good plan to make this safe for Matthew next year when he'll be walking and wanting to be outside. My job was to do the painting so you can see me here in my paint spattered jeans with the lake behind me. The wooden spokes you can see me painting were assembled, painted, and then carried up to the balcony to be attached securely onto the railings of the deck. We worked steadily on the project and got a majority of it done during the weekend. It is very satisfying to undertake a project and see it go so well.

Matthew enjoys books, listening to the rhythms of the words and curiously gazing at the pictures. There is nothing better than spending time with my grandchildren.

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Marta Portillo said...

I want to go with you and kiss my lovely Matthew!!!! I love him!