Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday was a beautiful early autumn day. I picked up my little friend Ann Marie at school and we spent a little time at the park. Then we went to my house to make cookies. Children are always very interested in cookie baking! After the cookies were in the oven, we spent a little time on a sewing project. I was teaching her how to sew a button on fabric. She did pretty well but was a little worried about the point of the needle. Next I showed her something that I had made for her: I had knit her a bright green sweater, which I gave her and she promptly tried on. We decided it looks really good on her plus she modeled it well.
Ann Marie is a very nice little girl and it was a pleasure to have some time with her.

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Annick said...

Oh Jo, your cookies look delicious ! What is your receipt ??