Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring is barbecue time. Mr. T's special barbecue stove has been hibernating in the garage all winter, waiting for warmer days. Recently we dragged it out of its winter sleep and pulled it around to the patio. Then it had to wait a few more days until suitable weather appeared. There was light dusting of snow and an almost invisible coating of ice as recently as yesterday. This morning started out with a very strong thunderstorm. Mr. T. optimistically planned his barbecue, shopping for the buns and defrosting the hamburgers, happily preparing for the season's first cookout. Sure enough, the sun appeared in the middle of the afternoon, temperatures rose, and suddenly spring was here in all its glory. I think Mr. T. enjoyed his barbecued hamburger dinner very much and has many plans for more outdoor cooking for the next several months.

Here is a small lace shawl that I just finished. Lace knitting is very interesting because it requires precision and total concentration while knitting. No glances at a TV screen attention straying while working on this! Without fully focusing on the work, you risk ripping out the whole thing! Believe me, this has happened to me more than once!

I' ve already begun my next lace project; plus I started a cardigan for myself. The craftiness continues!

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