Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Day with Gabriel
Yesterday we had a special day with Gabriel while his parents were shopping. First we took a walk around the yard looking for bugs, flowers, birds, and signs of spring. Gabe likes to stand on top of things; in the first picture he is on top of an old tree stump in the back yard.

In the second picture we went to a park on Lansing Avenue to look at ducks so he enjoyed being on top of the rock with his grandfather. This park also has an old locomotive on display. The ducks were unfriendly and the nearby lake was somewhat dangerous, so then we went to Sharp Park, near our house, where there is a very cute playground for children. Gabe really enjoyed himself there! He didn't want to leave.

There is nothing better for me than spending a day looking at the world through the eyes of my grandchild.

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