Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gabe and Scarlett
Here are a couple pictures of Gabriel and Scarlett taken last week when we were all in Orlando. We had so much fun! We rented a big house so that we could all stay together. We could cook or we could go out to eat; every day we decided what we wanted to do. One day was spent at Seaworld and another at Animal Kingdom. Those two parks were chosen because Gabe and Scarlett are both very interested in animals. Between the two parks, many many animals were seen. Some favorites were the Shamu Show at Seaworld (Shamu is a killer whale who performs with his trainers); the Safari Ride at Animal Kingdom (We could take a fairly authentic jungle ride viewing animals on all sides); the Lion King Show, and the Petting Zoo (both at Animal Kingdom).
Gabe will be 3 years old in May, and is a happy and enthusiastic little boy. He speaks both English and Spanish, sometimes talking in mixed sentences. Like most little boys, he loves cars, trucks, airplanes, and "moto". I'm very impressed that he can eat almost everything with great enjoyment, but he eats in moderation. As you may know, he is my favorite "cookie helper"!

Scarlett will soon be 2 years old, and is a happy and sweet little girl. She is learning both English and Korean. Scarlett loves books, working on her vocabulary and ABC's, and is quite verbal for her age. She loves to be held and cuddled, and I love to hold her.

I am a very lucky grandmother. And a very wonderful event will occur in May when a third grandchild joins our family, Tom and Kelly's baby!

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