Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winter Vacation

We just spent a few days in Cancun, Mexico, escaping Michigan's cold January weather. We stayed at the Riu Cancun, a very beautiful hotel with a lovely beach and excellent restaurants. Here I am our first day just getting acquainted with all areas in the hotel. It offered four restaurants, several pools, the water and beach, and excellent service.

Here is a view of the beach and nearby hotels Tony took from the top floor of the hotel. It is amazing to experience this beautiful place, just three and a half hours from Detroit where winter snows are hitting hard.

This is just one of the buffet counters in one of the restaurants, which offered every possible food choice in every kind of cuisine. (That's not me in the picture!) One of the restaurants was Japanese, which we enjoyed one evening. The first day we wanted to eat a lot; subsequent days we began to eat less and less. Since the hotel was all inclusive, it was possible for guests to eat and drink in great excess, if you were to choose this. The food was fabulous. My favorites were the fresh fruits and vegetables. Tony enjoyed the paella which was served one night when the theme was "Spanish night".

We took long walks, read books, relaxed on the beach, and generally just took it easy.

More winter vacation pictures

Now we are back home in Michigan's winter. Today we are at Steve and Marta's house where a mild blizzard is going on!

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