Monday, February 19, 2007

Crafty Grandma Report

Tom and Kelly's baby is due to arrive in May. They decided not to find out if the baby will be a boy or girl, so in making baby items, I needed to chose a neutral color. ( I am predicting a boy!) We will all be going to Orlando this week, and there will be a baby shower for Kelly next weekend. I have been finishing my baby projects and here they are!
First is the Baby Surprise sweater, my favorite baby pattern. It's so much fun to have stripes knit so neatly into a sweater. I made two caps
because I couldn't decide which pattern I liked the best. The cap on the upper side looks a little more feminine to me, and the other looks more like a cap for a boy.

Next is a baby blanket that I knit from squares in various patterns, making up things as I went along. I finished this just yesterday afternoon. For every square I started with 30 stitches and chose a stitch pattern from my books, knitting until a square was completed. Then I stitched the squares together, and knit an edging around the whole thing.

I always like to make baby quilts. It's very interesting to see how the colors and patterns go together. Gabriel and Scarlett still have theirs. I always sign them on the back and I have hopes they can keep them for a long time. I guess I want them to remember me! Here is the quilt that I finished just a few days ago. The fabric is basically Winnie the Pooh print with coordinating colors and fabrics. Can you see the patchwork ball sitting on the quilt? One of my former students taught me how to make this ball. It is a very practical first toy for a baby because it is soft and light so that a baby can easily hold it and begin to catch it. Also it can be thrown into the washer as needed.
I love to make baby things, but most of all, I love babies!

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