Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last Weekend

Steve and Marta had an event to attend Saturday evening so Tony and I went to stay with Gabriel. (The weather was pretty bad as you can see in the previous post, but everyone was fine.) The beautiful couple got dressed up and the lucky grandparents got to play with their grandson.

Gabriel loves to play "hide and seek". When he finds me, I jump out at him and he laughs really hard. Also we play ball, trucks, cars, and read books together. It is just as much fun for me as for him. There is nothing better than being down on the floor playing just like a kid again. This is the most wonderful thing about being a grandmother (and I admit, the most surprising) : I get to be a kid again!

Gabriel loves his "moto". He probably would prefer to ride this outside, but spring will come sometime.

Gabriel is a very helpful boy. He is very interested in cleaning, having learned from his mom. He takes out the vacuum cleaner, making motor sounds while pretending to clean. He drags a chair to the sink, washes himself, the sink, and whatever else he can find. He has toy cleaning equipment, cleaning his toys and whatever else is around. Marta and I think he will make some lucky girl a fine husband someday!

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