Thursday, April 23, 2009

The view from our taxi.

The view from our hotel window.
We are in the city where Tony's grandmother lived when she was a young girl, before she married his grandfather and moved to the Philippines. Also it is the country of our beautiful Marta.
A little more of the family history here: Tony's grandfather came from a family of landowners in the Philippines. Certain Spanish families had been granted large farms in that country, moving there, farming the land, and developing it. When Tony's grandfather was a young man just after the turn of the century (in the 1900's), he decided he wanted a Spanish wife. Tony's grandmother was from a military family so somehow she agreed to marry this young man from the faraway tropical country. They married and had two small children before setting out to return to the Philippines in 1907. In fact, she was pregnant with Tony's mother for that journey. I met her on my first visit to that country in 1965 and I remember a very small lively lady who conversed in Spanish in a very animated way. I talked to her with Tony's translation help.
We just arrived after traveling all night, changing planes in Amsterdam, by taxi to our hotel.
It is a sort of holiday here; I don't understand completely but something about honoring the patron saint of the city by giving a rose to someone you care about. I saw some beautiful young ladies carrying roses.
We'll rest a little while, then explore.

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Marta Portillo said...

Yes Joan, it must be St. Jordi(George). Enjoy Barcelona, and try to eat toasted bread with spread natural tomatoes on top and olive oil... that is from that region of the country and so good!