Saturday, September 13, 2008

Final Show
The final morning of our Alaskan cruise all passengers met in the ship's theater for information on disembarking from the ship. Disembarkation was handled very smoothly. Suitcases were placed outside our room before going to bed; they were whisked away and the next time we saw them was at the airport in Detroit. Cruising is an easy way to travel especially recommended for seniors since everything is taken care of by the travel company (though our cruise included younger people as well as families with small children).

After receiving the final information, the ship's crew entertained us with a song seen in the above video. The front row includes the chefs and restaurant staffs. Next are the entertainers who put on a musical and dancing show every evening. Behind them are all the other workers especially the cleaning staff who kindly tidied our rooms twice a day. This was a very international group with workers mainly from Indonesia and the Philippines and management from Holland (the Holland America Line) as well as a scattering of other countries.

On another topic I want to encourage everyone to have a blog! It's surprisingly easy and lots of fun. Friends, family, and even strangers can read it (or not) if and when time allows. Tony, my husband, has started a new blog here and has many memories which he plans to write and share. I think almost anyone who has a blog will find it a worthwhile experience.

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