Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back from Alaska

Very early Monday morning we returned from a week's vacation on a cruise ship, the Volandam (of the Holland America line) from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska. We had an amazing trip with approximately 1500 passengers like a moving city block exploring the inland passage along Alaska's coast. There was a lot of wild life: whales, dolphins, bears, eagles, and salmon jumping in the river. The first day of our trip we traveled from Detroit to Vancouver and everything went very smoothly. I'm very impressed with Holland America because everything is well organized. Our luggage was checked in at the airport in Detroit and we next saw it in our stateroom on the ship. In the Vancouver airport we met with many other passengers and Holland America reps who transported us by bus to the cruise ship where we checked in and immediately went to a wonderful lunch on board. Next we toured the ship which had 8 levels including 3 restaurants, swimming pools, a walking track, a gym, a casino, a library, many sitting areas, etc. I have several videos that I will be sharing plus lots of pictures can be seen here.

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