Saturday, July 05, 2008

At the moment three of my four orchid plants are blooming. I don't know a lot about orchids; sometimes I remember to water them but mostly they thrive on neglect. I remember Tony's brother Gus in the Philippines having an orchid collection attached to a coconut tree in the yard outside his house. There is almost nothing more beautiful than an orchid in bloom.

I've always enjoyed hobbies in my spare time. Several years ago I was into African violets; I was starting new plants and
expanding my collection all the time. They were filling up my living room. I was giving them away to friends and family, anyone who would take them!

Other hobbies that I've enjoyed: exercise (for years I loved to run and still walk a few m
iles almost every day); reading (I keep a list and read about 50 books a year, mostly fiction), knitting (keeps my hands busy while the TV is on); sewing (I used to make clothes and patchwork), and the internet (love to read news, blogs, and whatever is going on). Also we are enjoying our garden and especially right now because it is beginning to produce. Yesterday I picked the first cucumber of the season (so tasty!)

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