Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Break

Last week was spring break in Michigan and I had a wonderful week.

First I saw my old friend Karen who lives in Connecticut but was visiting her mother in Michigan. We were roommates at the university many years ago. She is one of my oldest friends; when we see each other, our conversations pick up right where they left off. (Incidentally the dates on all these pictures are incorrect! I think my camera reset itself.)

Next I went on to Steve and Marta's house to spend spring break with Gabriel whose Montessori School was closed for the week. While his parents went to their offices we had so much fun with many activities like going to the library, going to the children's museum, playing in the park, watching movies, and playing with toys.
Here are Gabriel and Marta on a sunny day enjoying crocuses that were growing in the yard.

Gabriel is a busy little boy. He loves dinosaurs, cars and trucks, Diego, chocolate chip cookie making, playing in the park.

One of the best things about being a grandmother is spending time together and especially baking cookies!

One special day Marta, Gabriel, and I went to see Steve's office where this picture was taken. He has a very nice office at a very impressive company. Here he is at his desk on a Friday afternoon, almost ready to go home.

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