Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tom's Birthday
On a cold and snowy February 9th 41 years ago, just after a blizzard that kept everyone inside for several days,Tom was born at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. In those days new mothers stayed in the hospital with their babies a full week. It was a very exciting time for us with our perfect new baby. The years have flown by and now Tom is a new father himself with a lovely wife, Kelly, and their almost 9 month old son, Matthew.

On Tom's first day of kindergarten he wore a brown and yellow football jersey with his new jeans and was so excited to go to school. The years passed and at his high school graduation, he wore a t shirt and jeans under his cap and gown, anticipating leaving for the university. After finishing his MBA at Michigan, Tom worked and traveled all over the world: London, Australia, Chicago, Minneapolis, India and other places too numerous to mention. Finally a couple of years ago he settled down, marrying Kelly on a beautiful March day in Orlando. We are so proud of him and all that he has done in his life.

Here's Tom holding Matthew on the day he was born.

At Christmastime Matthew posed next to a picture of his grandfather, Tony, a fat and healthy baby in 1931. Tony's mother submitted this picture to the newspaper in Manila and he was named the "Magnolia Milk Baby of Manila". (Magnolia was a dairy products brand at that time.)

Tom happened to be born on my cousin Carole's birthday. Happy Birthday, Carole!

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