Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Few Days in the Sun

Last Friday we left Detroit in the middle of a blizzard. Heavy snow started sometime during the night and caused many cancellations. We decided to spend Thursday night at a hotel near the airport because it would have been extremely difficult to drive to the airport Friday morning. Please see the picture of our plane through the airport window. Snow plows were at work on the runway and all the planes were deiced before taking off. I was concerned that we'd be delayed but everything went off on schedule.

It is mind boggling to go from an early February snowstorm in Detroit to a beach front resort in Cancun in just a few hours! In Detroit it was painfully cold to be outside for only a minute; Cancun was pleasantly warm in the morning and evening and hot in the midday sun. Our hotel, the Riu Caribe, was beautiful with white sand beaches, delicious restaurants, and a laid back atmosphere. Then last night we arrived back in Detroit to another snowstorm! But now I feel refreshed and ready to deal with a little more winter after a few days in the sun.

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