Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Last weekend we went to Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Island. Every year we like to go there and spend a day on the island, walking its 8 mile circumference . Our trip this year was a little earlier than usual because we have lots of other things going on, most importantly the birth of our third grandchild any day now in New Jersey.
We went to Mackinaw City on Friday afternoon, staying at the Holiday Inn there. In the late evening there was a beautiful sunset with the Mackinaw Bridge showing in the picture above. Saturday morning we left on the ferry to the Island at 10 AM. Then we began our hike around the island. Tourist season has not begun there. It was very cool, especially when the wind was blowing, although it warmed up in the middle of the day. Our walk was finished in about 3 hours, so we relaxed and had a simple lunch. Then we took the 3:30 boat back to the mainland. Both Friday and Saturday evenings we enjoyed whitefish dinners, the specialty of the area. Sunday we returned home. It was a lovely weekend.

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