Monday, April 23, 2007

Kelly's New York friends gave her a baby shower on Saturday and here they are on the front steps of Tom and Kelly's house in Maplewood, New Jersey. Kelly's mom was there from Orlando and her sister from Washington D.C. Then on Sunday afternoon Tom and Kelly attended another childbirth preparation class. I think they are now very well prepared and the baby has lots of very beautiful things. There are about three weeks more to go before the baby's due date. If any of you haven't met Kelly, she's in the middle of the top row of the picture, looking (and perhaps feeling!) quite pregnant with my third grandchild.

Tom and Kelly bought an 80 year old house on a quiet street in Maplewood, which they moved into in January. We saw the house before they moved in; now the living room is finished with fresh paint and excellent placement of furniture. Maplewood is an especially good place for them to live because Tom can walk to a train which
takes him to his office in the city plus the neighborhood is a quiet, charming place.

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