Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Perfect Gift
Many people love shopping, but not me. My friend Dee can find unique and special items for gifts. She always comes up with just the right color and size of something you've been thinking about for months. I wish I could do that! I love to buy special things for people that I care about, but to find just the right item is not easy. In December as the days count down to the holiday, stores are so crowded with frantic people carrying lists, shopping on a deadline, pushing their carts, and waiting in line behind twenty other people in the same situation. This is not what I want to do!
However, I believe I have found just about perfect gifts this year for my two grandchildren, and you can see the pictures here. Gabriel at 2 1/2 loves cars, trucks, tractors, and trains. His favorite movie is "Cars". My gift to him is this Lightning McQueen car which talks and apparently can be programmed to do almost anything. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it.
Scarlett's gift is a "Language Littles" doll named Young-Hee. This doll speaks both English and Korean in a very clear and real voice. The doll already speaks many sentences in both languages and more can be downloaded from the internet. Since Scarlett is learning both languages from her parents, and Young Hee is a lovely soft doll, I think it is the perfect gift for her. Now Scarlett is 19 months old, but when she is five, maybe she will look exactly like this doll.

If only I could come up with perfect gifts for everyone! Really, the only perfect gift would be peace on earth, and this I wish for everyone!

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