Monday, November 13, 2006

This weekend we enjoyed spending time with Marta, Steve, and Gabriel. Our grandson is getting bigger, not at all a baby anymore. It gives me a real thrill when he says, "Grandma!" When we arrived, he was waiting for us at the front door, smiling and waving to greet us. Steve and Marta had some activities on Saturday evening, so Tony and I went out to eat with Gabriel. He didn't eat much, but was very entertaining. One thing he did was to have a lot of milk in his mouth, then suddenly blow it out with a lot of noise and laughing. It was a little messy but quite funny! Like many small children, Gabriel doesn't want to go to sleep. He tries very hard to stay awake as long as possible so as not to miss anything. Finally, when it's very late and he's so tired, he goes to sleep. I love play with him when he's awake and watch him when he's sleeping.

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