Saturday, January 03, 2009

To Florida!
Out of the icy coldness of Michigan and on to the warmth and sunshine of Florida. Everything went very smoothly yesterday for our travel with Tony, Gabe, and Marta, starting with our early morning drive to the airport, helped by my friend Dee. Usually we use our own car but this time Steve had gone ahead with our minivan transporting Coco their dog who could not go on the plane.
The flight to Fort Lauderdale was on time and very smooth. Gabe at 4 years old is such an experienced traveler having flown many times since he was a baby. He was very cute trying to take care of me. "Grandma, don't be scared. This is how you put on your seat belt......" In Ft. Lauderdale we went by rental car, arriving soon in Weston, the town where Steve and Marta are going to live. We are now at the corporate apartment which they will have for three months and it is beautiful and comfortable. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and is arranged so that it feels very spacious.
Steve and Coco arrived by early evening after a 1400 mile drive in our minivan, picking up Tom in Cincinnati to help with driving and then dropping him off in Orlando where he has been staying with Kelly's family. Steve was a little tired but considering all, in pretty good shape. Now we have Saturday and Sunday to explore and then Steve starts his new job on Monday.

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