Sunday, October 05, 2008

Autumn Weekend

This was a perfect October weekend--cool, sunny, and beautiful. Steve, Marta, and Gabe came for the weekend as Steve had a reunion with university friends at MSU. Marta, Gabe, and I had a nice time together. (Tony was watching the same football game on TV that Steve was attending in person.)

Here's Gabe with the mums in front of my house.

Gabe is studying pyramids at school so here is his version made with family room items:

Gabe enjoyed playing with Legos that were last used by his dad, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Cathy many years ago.

We went to Flavorfruit Farms where Gabe and I were so happy to see Ann Marie and Mary Jo. Everyone loved the autumn festival atmosphere and enjoyed pony rides and a hayride.

Gabe on horseback with Marta. This was Gabe's first horseback ride; the horse was pretty big and Gabe was brave!

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